Why Oculus Health?


Clinically Proven Solution - Our unique offering is designed to deliver enhanced outcomes to your patients and their caregivers. Our pro-active care has delivered enormous results including 26% reduction in A1C levels in Diabetes patients and reduced unplanned admissions.


Superior Enrollment - We use proven methodology to streamline and maximize patient enrollment to your CCM program.   


Unrivaled Patient Engagement - We provide the state-of-the art capabilities and support systems to amplify the patient engagement to levels unseen in any CCM patient portal technologies to date. We have higher than 50% of patients who login to self-report their health data.  We have found that a vital component of serving the patient is a human touch. We take pride in our 1:1 individualized care delivery.


CMS Audit Pass Guarantee - Oculus is the only CCM vendor who will guarantee passing of CMS Audit. We work with our clinics to ensure they are fully compliant and guide them to ensure compliance to CPT 99490 billing requirements.