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About Transitional Care Management (TCM)

Transitional care management (TCM) codes, introduced in CPT® 2013, allow providers to receive reimbursement for their efforts and the efforts of their staff to promote successful outcomes for patients transitioning from a facility setting (e.g., inpatient hospital, nursing facility) to a community setting (e.g., home, assisted living facility).

When you compare TCM payment rates to the new and established patient E/M codes, you will see they are significantly higher (The CMS national payment amount for 99495—TCM of moderate complexity —is $163.99, and for 99496—high complexity TCM—is $231.36.). The additional reimbursement compensates for non-face-to-face activities (e.g., communication with home health agencies) performed by the provider and/or clinical staff under the direction of the provider.

If you are new to TCM you can read our blog post: The Beginners Guide to Transitional Care Management

Clinically Proven Solution - Our unique offering is designed to deliver enhanced outcomes to patients and caregivers. Our pro-active care has delivered enormous results including 26% reduction in A1C levels in diabetes patients and reduced unplanned admissions.

Superior Enrollment - We use proven methodology to streamline and maximize patient enrollment to your CCM program.

Enhanced Engagement - We provide the state-of-the art capabilities and support systems to amplify the patient engagement to levels unseen in any patient portal technologies to date. We have higher than 50% of patients who login to self-report their health data.



Discharge Care Summary
Personalized Post Discharge Follow-up
Individualized Health Record
Access real-time health data and monitor your post surgical patients
Easy-to-use web and mobile app for patients and care team
Monthly reports required by Payers
Remote vitals monitoring with integrations with trackers and wearable devices
Direct messaging for effective information exchange



Reviewing discharge information.

Providing education.

Arranging for community resources.


We identify and capture eligible TCM beneficiaries from your practice workflow and deliver superior patient engagement models. We guarantee complete integration of our services into your workflow and NO additional burden to your staff.


Proprietary and Patented mechanisms to engage patients to improve their health and overall satisfaction. 

We manage referrals to ensure efficient in-network referrals in the most pro-active manner.

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TCM enables enhancing your provider's reputation. In the Oculus care coordination model, patients take an active role in their care. They understand their care plan and feel comfortable reaching out to their care team.

Engaging diverse patient communities and their families and caregivers in a more active and empowered way will require a significant shift in thinking and patient engagement strategies for many providers, especially as care teams seek to serve a high volume of patients at lower cost.

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.