Automate your front office

Create unforgettable customer experiences for every patient - before, during and after their appointment

Give your patients and staff
the experience they want and appreciate.

Powered by mobile and web technology, integrated workflows help patients move efficiently through each visit with personalized experiences and help providers with preventive insights

Automate your scheduling with online appointments, smart reminders,  no-show workflows

Insurance verification and integrated ePay plan for copay and deductibles

Post appointment support to close gaps and obtain HCAPS and higher Patient satisfaction


Your Patient On-boarding Partner

We know that every practice requires a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and chronic conditions throughout the course of a patient’s adult life. Whether you’re managing the demand for wellness visits or acute care, working to create a better patient experience or just trying to run a more efficient practice, we can help.


Increase front office productivity


Reduce patient door-to-door time

6-12 mins

Save 6-12 minutes of staff time per patient visit, on average


Standardized preventive and quality assessments for all patients

Your Partner in Patient Empowerment

An easier way to make an appointment

Providers’ offices are flooded with phone calls. We know this chaos is as hard on your staff as it is on patients. Whether they’re requesting an annual exam or a follow-up visit, Oculus offers your patients the convenience of requesting appointments on your website anytime, anywhere—so you can reduce unnecessary phone volume and serve the patients right in front of you.

Insurance verification with results you expect

Need to know a patient’s copay? No problem. What about the remaining deductible? We’ll tell you. Eligibility for a Medicare annual wellness visit? We have that too. Oculus Health's automated Eligibility & Benefits application gives your staff the data they need in a manageable, simple-to-understand format.

Collect more patient payments—before and after the visit

We get it—asking patients for payment can be difficult. But with patient financial responsibility making up 20% to 30% of provider revenue, everyone is feeling the pinch. Using Oculus' suite of payment applications, your practice will increase profitability, reduce A/R days, and offer patients price transparency and convenient options to pay for their care.

Are my patients satisfied with their care?

Connecting with your patients and understanding their experience is critical to enhancing their care. It also helps you improve services, generate patient referrals, boost reimbursement rates and achieve care-model certifications such as HCAPS. Oculus' post-visit surveys do just that: provide patient feedback in real time, giving you a clear picture of what they think.

We offer a suite of services that can make your patient on-boarding a seamless, gratifying experience for your patients, and an efficient one for your providers and staff

Streamline the Experience

Streamline the ExperienceMore-efficient staff leads to happier, healthier patients who are treated with more empathy and seen sooner by the right physician

Improve Utilization

Our advanced scheduling capabilities improve utilization of Annual Well Visits, Ancillary Services, create automatic waitlists, and enable self-scheduling through a fully integrated workflow digital solution


Unified Digital Experience

An exceptional experience at every interaction. Deliver a consistent, branded experience. Our standardized check-in promotes high patient satisfaction and reduces cost

Seamless Integration

We’ll help you meet the needs of mobile-savvy patients, allow time for personal connections and make sure that data is entered correctly into EHRs.


Your patients can quickly and easily search locations, see wait times, schedule appointments and complete registration online.

Outcomes that matter

Learn more about our work with patients, providers and executive champions at leading health care organizations

Advance data accuracy and reporting with seamless EHR and practice management systems integration

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Gain the ultimate in flexibility with patient check-in kiosk or standalone tablet configurations

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Engage patients in the waiting room and continue the conversation post-visit support and earn 5 Star ratings

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Contact us to learn how OculusNetwork can help your organization build Precision Engagement™.

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