On-boarding sets the tone for the patient's experience

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Reducing OPEX by 30% & Enhancing Patient

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Reducing OPEX by 30% & Enhancing Customer

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No Shows

Every year practices are losing $2 Billion in revenue because of patient no shows

Reduced Utilization

Every year provider services are under utilized leading to higher op ex


Increased delays between appointments due to lack of proper transitions

Poor patient satisfaction

Patients frustrated with filling in the same forms and lack of proper follow through


We help to make on-boarding easier with built-in eligibility checks, and insurance verification

Omni-channel - Chat bot, a messenger, a call service, or all three, we make it possible for your patients to interact with you the way they want

Artificial Intelligence driven personalized preventive care plans specific to each individual

Our patient experience specialists receive 2 weeks of training before they take their first call, and they’re evaluated regularly to keep the quality of their service as high as possible.


Staff Happiness

More-efficient staff leads to happier, healthier patients who are treated with more empathy and seen sooner by the right physician.

Provider Efficiency

Our end-to-end platform is built from extensive call center experience to improve efficiency, cut per-call costs, and increase capacity for scale.

Integrated Solution

We integrate with your existing Electronic Health Record or Practice Management System to make it easier to manage and measure your patient and provider data and find efficiencies you couldn’t see before.

The road to great patient on-boarding is Oculus