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Reinvent Your Role in Your Healthcare

We'll be here to help.

We extend models of care with risk stratified interventions to support ongoing chronic disease management, and post-acute and post-surgical patient care coordination. 

We consistently achieve outstanding improvements in key quality measures and increase value of new payment models.


How Are We Different?

  • Oculus Health
  • Oculus Health
  • Oculus Health

Personalized Care Support

We create a Personal Health Itinerary for each member based on their current and past history, status and goals that guides them down a path toward optimal health.

Superior Engagement

We engage and reward our members to follow their care protocols and drive better outcomes. We guarantee 10X patient engagement compared to our closest competitor.

EHR Bolt-on Soluton

Oculus Health provides a robust and highly flexible system that meets the requirements of any size organizations. We enable 'ease of use' factor to your existing IT investments.

Run 10x faster. Increase Your EHR/Population Health Reach.

Our configurable rules-based solution allows incredible ease of user enrollment and we deliver ease-of-use technology for providers and patients. Choose a scalable solution that meets both your current needs and future growth.


Oculus Health takes a multi-layered security approach to ensure that your data is safe. We meet all HIPAA requirements and are in full compliance with all federal, state, regulatory and contractual requirements. We host our servers in a world-class data center and utilize multiple layers of security.