Brilliantly powerful tools for engaging patients and maximizing relationships

Oculus drives better patient outcomes and greater financial health

Oculus provides a single cloud-based patient journey system to help you improve operations across your continuum of care—from reducing operational costs, improving outcomes while generating significant new revenue streams.

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Our Solution

IMPROVED PATIENT ENGAGEMENT BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER VISITS OculusHealth's enterprise platform empowers medical groups to drive higher practice performance by keeping patients engaged and coming back.

Oculus Activate

Effortless digital on-boarding that delivers value before, during and after each appointment

  • Schedule appointments online
  • Reminders to alert patients
  • Wellness and preventive health alerts
  • Simplified patient on-boarding and check-in at the comfort of home
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  • Standardized preventive screenings for all age groups
  • Reduce patient door-to-door time by as much as 40 percent
  • Save 6-12 minutes of staff time per patient visit, on average
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  • Engage patients in the waiting room and continue the conversation post-visit
  • Advance data accuracy and reporting with seamless EHR and practice management systems integration
  • Proven - Studies show 67% of our AWVs generate a follow-up visit
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Oculus Empower

Personalized high-touch care coordination to support patients with Behavioral and Chronic conditions

  • Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Behavioral Health Integration
  • Personalized - To each patient based on individual needs
  • Comprehensive - Covers preventative, behavioral and chronic care protocols to provide full support to patient while helping their caregiver
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  • Omni-channel - Fits to your schedule and health needs
  • Private - Sessions are always private and confidential
  • Professional - All therapists and coaches are licensed and accredited
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  • Proven - Studies show Oculus CCM enrollees enjoy better health
  • Convenient - Connect anytime, anywhere via phone or video chat
  • Transition of care and support
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Oculus Insight

Helping providers and practices save time, improve outcomes, and increase earnings through performance reporting

  • Create a plan to avoid penalty
  • Optimize incentive and potential bonus
  • Select the right measures
  • Analyze and improve performance on a regular cadence
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  • Actionable individualized plan to help improve quality measures
  • Seamless data exchange between the practice, ACO and Medicare
  • Out-perform every other provider by standardized protocols
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  • Streamlined MIPS and ACO reporting to help you avoid penalty, improve scores, and increase quality earnings
  • Regulatory tools and support
  • Advanced performance evaluation to reward high performing providers
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" Our Patients have developed friendly relationships with Oculus and we have had significant number of medical issues uncovered by their outreach which have resulted in reduced need for hospitalizations and E.R. visits " - Dr . Gerald Weisfoegel , M D

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