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We Empower Physicians to focus on what they do best:

Deliver superior care for patients. Seamlessly.


Whether it's MIPS or an Advanced APMs 
We help Healthcare Organizations Thrive at Value-Based Care!
Our Clients Thrive in Today's Healthcare Environment
It comes down to Value.

Value for Patients, Providers, Practices, but also Value-Based Payments.

Establish each patient’s current baseline of health and proactive care plan.

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Extend the reach of your providers beyond the clinic (via Remote patient monitoring/engagement).

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Manage Care Transitions and Behavioral Health.

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Calculate the Additional Revenue Your Practice will Generate from an Oculus Partnership.

New Revenue Stream

Oculus’ solutions deliver as much as $1,000 in ADDITIONAL annual revenue per Medicare patient.


Value Based Care

Oculus’ solutions support every VBC model from CPC+ to MIPS automatically.


Integrated Workflow

Oculus is a partner, not a typical vendor. We identify workflow touch points and integrate accordingly.


We've developed a safe, secure, and high touch patient engagement Solution. Our process captures Quality Measures from Day 1.

Revenue is realized in as little as one month, and only increases day after day.


1. Oculus seamlessly integrates into practice and provider workflow – this results in the smoothest and most consistent patient experience both in and outside of the clinic.

2. 1:1:1 Provider to Care Manager to Patient relationship results in unparalleled ongoing patient participation, and a seamless coordination and oversight of care

3. Patented experiential rewards program keeps patients actively engaged by providing data points regarding medication adherence and symptom tracking. This feeds Quality Measures and preventive monitoring.

Our solutions are designed to align the best interest of Patients, Providers and Caregivers

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