Enabling Patient Journeys

Solutions, tools and strategies to help health care organizations deliver individualized patient and family experiences across every setting of care

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Proven practices that deliver value at every level


We improve patient outcomes and bring joy back to the practice of medicine, all while significantly growing your revenues. Every successful plan begins with goal setting

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Integrated workflows and staffing models to deliver better health outcomes while generating new revenue
Personalized patient services from preventive planning to managing complex diseases
Patient relationship management, care coordination strategies proven to drive better health at lower costs.
Deep clinical analytics to help in making the best health care decisions.
Easy-to-use web and mobile software app for patients, their families and caregivers.
APM, MIPS and MACRA Reporting for all Medicare Population.
Remote vitals monitoring via integrations with trackers and wearable devices.
Simplified and Secure messaging services connecting extended care team members with right information at the right time.



Weekly Care Plan Engagement


Quality Measures Improvement


Increase in Frequency of Communication 

We are obsessed with enabling superior patient journeys while bringing joy back to the practice of medicine. Whether it is delivering higher patient engagement, driving financial and operational efficiencies for providers, Oculus can help.

Enhanced Patient Retention!

Engage Every Patient Every Day!

Boost your patient satisfaction levels to new heights by extending your reach through our services.

Solidify new healthy habits with our digital engagement, coaching and activity tracker(s) and measure your patients' progress over time.

We empower your patients' with meaningful information including test results and personalized recommendations to track and sustain disease management.

Knowledge is powerful medicine. We allow your patients to see their progress over time, giving you the insight you need to make changes to attain the best possible outcomes.

Connected Care Teams

Enables shared decision making based on care plan adherence.

Streamlined access to every care team member to enable transparent and proactive care delivery.

Communication to and between care teams around care plan adherence.

Risk stratification based on care plan adherence.

Connected Care Teams!
Create smart, effective Chronic Care Management Program in less than 4 Weeks

Minimal Impact to Your Daily Workflow

Zero impact to your practice operational overhead and zero footprint technology.

Manage referrals with new efficiencies and guaranteed patient affinity.

Interface with existing technology systems - Extend the reach of your office to patients home.

Implement at scale across all the entire patient population including healthy to advanced care needs

  • Incredible People

    Oculus combines digital health technology with a caring and compassionate medical support team.



    Our people bring trust, compassion and humility to the care equation.

  • We ensure highest possible security and privacy.

    We ensure highest possible security and privacy.

    We secure all data through high-grade SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction = Enhanced Revenues

    Improved Patient Satisfaction = Enhanced Revenues.

    Oculus Health is a turnkey solution for providers to meet the requirements of Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) chronic care management (CCM) programs.

Who We Serve


Improve patient engagement, provide remote care support and obtain insights into patient's condition between appointments.


Hospitals and Health Systems

Identify priority patients and providers for focused attention. Manage patients who need the most help and minimize penalties. Customized protocols targetted at riskiest patients. New protocol development.


Oculus Health makes it simpler to take care of your members.

We enable clinical integration as “the means to facilitate the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time in order to achieve care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-focused.”

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We take the highest care to secure all data through high-grade SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit

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